Become a Farmgate Mate host

Being a Farmgate Mate host gives you access to the benefits of being part of a worldwide agri-tourism program, you will be featured on our website and in a professionally printed National Farmgate Mate guide book. It costs nothing to join in and all we ask is that have some product, produce or even a farm experience that you can sell direct from your property.

As a host you are in total control, you can decide what days, weeks or time of year you are available to accept vans, you decide how many vans you can accept at one time, any requirements or any exclusions.

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We invite farms of all sizes, products and locations to join in as Farmgate Mate hosts

You are not expected to provide anything more than a parking space, if you choose to provide more or allow more time, that is entirely for you and the FGM member to agree on. FGM members are advised to ring ahead to the property to confirm space availability and any special conditions.

All the Farmgate Mate members agree to follow the Golden Rules (How it works) as part of their membership and are expected to follow the principles of Leave No Trace.

In relation to public liability insurance, you are recommended to add the Farmgate Mate activity onto your existing policy, it should not cost anything extra (depending on your insurer) and provides that extra level of assurance.


Up until end of December 2017, every farmgate property that joins up as a Farmgate Mate Host will also receive a free full Farmgate mate membership (valued at $55.00). This is fully transferable, you can use it yourself or give away to a friend or family member. After registering as a Host you will receive a welcome pack in the mail with your gift certificate for a FREE MEMBERSHIP included. Each certificate has a unique code that when entered on the membership payment page will allow you to activate the 12 months membership for no cost. 

How it works - Hosts (PDF)

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