Host RV Drivers on your Farm or Property - Farmgate Mate

Being a Farmgate Mate host gives you the benefits of being part of an international agritourism program. Drive paying customers to your door and promote your business & region... for free!

All you need is to be able to adequately accommodate a self-contained RV on your property, as well as offer some form of product or service that can be purchased directly on your property.

Further information for hosts: 

  • Hosts are in total control of the rules - you choose when to accept vans, how many vans you accept & any other rules.
  • Hosts are expected to provide a parking space for 24 hours - anything more is up to you and other members to agree on.
  • All members are expected to the follow the Golden Rules of membership, and abide by the principles of Leave No Trace.
  • You are advised to add FGM activities onto your existing public liability insurance policy. This should not cost anything extra.

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Host RV Drivers on your Farm or Property - Farmgate Mate


Host RV Drivers on your Farm or Property - Farmstay - Farmgate Mate



The RV/motorhome tourist season starts around November and continues through to March. Take advantage of the extra tourists on our roads by joining us a Farmgate Host. Our members are looking for unique and personal experiences that are off the main tourist drives. Whether it is a tour of those hidden little locations on  your property or if it is learning how to spin wool,  our members value the opportunity to experience the real Australian regional culture. So join up now for FREE, let us start promoting your property and say Gidday to your first visitors before you know it.

Useful links for Farmgate Mate hosts

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