RV Drivers

RV Drivers

A Farmgate Mate membership gives you the freedom to travel off the main highways and to explore the more regional areas of Australia, meeting the locals and sampling local produce along the way.

After joining the Farmgate Mate program, you will be provided with access to the MEMBERS ONLY area. This includes a google map identifying the location of all Farmgate Mate Hosts in that region and a downloadable guidebook with locations and descriptions of the all the Farmgate Mate Hosts.

In the meantime we are happy to provide our RV drivers with some FREE resources.


TAS Dump sites (PDF)

RV Friendly towns (PDF)

Tasmanian Markets (PDF)

Properties are registering all the time, so join now and start exploring all that Tassie has to offer.

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Current Special**

Want to receive a 12 month membership for FREE? Recommend us to a farm gate property anywhere in Australia and if they join in as Hosts (it's free for them to join) then you will receive a gift voucher for a 12 month membership. (fully transferable) 

How it works - Invite a property to join in as Hosts, they can join in online (takes less than 5 mins) or we can contact them and complete registration. Phone or email us with the contact details for the property, once their registration is completed we will send you a gift certificate for one years membership. You can join in as a new member, add it on to an existing membership or give it away to family/friends. Easy!!

Better still - There are no limits to how many properties you can sign up or FREE memberships you can earn!!!

What’s included in your membership?

  • Comprehensive Farmgate Mate Guide book
  • FREE parking for 24 hours at an unlimited number of farms across Australia
  • Personalised membership ID card
  • Car/Van window sticker
  • Annual membership
  • Farmgate Mate eco-shopping bag

Where you can stay